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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I don't usually blog, but I'm feeling diligent right now. This, while immaterial, too shall pass.

A bipolar in the middle of her depressive episode being "diligent" sounds hilarious, of course. But I'm sick of lounging around all day without a thing to do or a friend to have a prolonged conversation with. Friends? They're all busy with school or just really far away. The curse of having a long break, I suppose.

But I'm going out tomorrow to work out. Hope that'll help cheer me up a little. Maybe I'll find a good book to buy for once. Something that's not classic literature. Classic literature seems too depressing to me right now. I need something lighter and more modern. No more Russian literature for me, no sir.

I heard Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey is really good. Maybe I'll give that a try.

Currently listening to: Jaymay - One May Die So Lonely


  1. Hopefully you find something. By the way, how did you get such a long break? I'm undergrad too and I only got a month off lol

  2. I'm currently studying in this half-assed Malaysian campus of an Australian institution, hence the long break. A long break isn't that great though. I ran out of things to do that I've been wanting to the first week into the break.

  3. long breaks are always a distraction and kicks you out of your routine. as for the work out, it always helps, the chemical reactions going on in you after it makes you happier!

  4. Working out will definitely make you feel better. Works for almost everyone, so why shouldn't it for you?
    I like your blog design :)

  5. ahhh I can be extremely bi polar at times too, it sucks!