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Monday, January 31, 2011

So I'm a shallow ho. Sue me.

Do you have a preference? As in a physical preference for a girl/guy of your dreams. Personality is not taken into consideration here, 'cause it's supposed to be purely based on physical appearance.

As much as I hate to admit it, I do have one.

I know what rocks my boat, so sue me.

Well, here's mine:

Gender: Female
Older or younger: Older is preferred, but not TOO much older.
Eye color: blue : Green
Hair color: Ginger
Height: 5'5" or above
Wide hips or Narrow hips: Either is fine.
Body:  Toned
Skin: White
Glasses: GLASSES!!!
Piercings: No piecings except for ears. 
Dress: Fashionably geeky
Makeup: No make up
(Female) Breasts: B-ish?

So what's yours?


  1. Gender: Female
    Older or younger: Older
    Hair color: Dark
    Wide hips or Narrow hips: Either is fine.
    Body: Not fat
    Skin: Pasty
    Glasses: Whatever
    Piercings: No piecings except for ears.
    Dress: Cute but not flashy
    Makeup: No make up
    (Female) Breasts: E cup or smaller. Not floppy. Saggy is fine, but not floppy like a pancake.

  2. A word of wisdom... the girl of your dreams will look like what you least expect. Don't go around looking for a 10/10 or you just may miss the perfect woman.

  3. Nicely said Alex.. You'll find that girl and it might be 100% what you're NOT looking for.

  4. While you're correct, Alex, do you honestly think that I didn't know that?

    As indicated by the first paragraph of the post, this IS based on purely physical attributes.
    I've been on dates with girls that looks nothing like what I have described. And I was fine with that.

    This post exists as an outlet for my preference and it can very well do without the White Knight Syndrome, thank you very much.